Come home to a better life

Why use Rumi if you have a Minnesota disability waiver?


You’re in control of your own services. You’ll have the choice of where to live, whom to live with, and what support you need.


Browse potential roommates on your computer or phone through our website. Search by location, rent price, interests and hobbies, and more.

The life you want.

You can live in the community that you want, with the roommate that you want, doing the activities that matter to you.

More independence.

Live more independently, in your own space, in a more integrated community setting.

Why use Rumi if you are a potential caregiver?

  • Rewarding work. Work doesn’t have to feel like work. Ready for a meaningful job where you work from home, get paid for everyday activities such as sleeping, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, and positively impacting someone else’s life? That’s being a Rumi.
  • Customized solutions. Rumi’s flexible platform allows for successful matches regardless of your housing situation, where you live, if you have kids, a spouse, or pets, or another job.
  • Make a difference. Improve someone’s life in a real way, and make a meaningful connection that will enrich both your lives.
  • Earn serious income. Rumi caregiving pays more than direct care positions—and the wages are tax free.
  • We’ll handle the headaches. Rumi’s parent company, Bridges MN, manages the paperwork, compliance, licensing, and other time-consuming requirements. That means you can focus on providing great care and enjoying your time with your Rumi.
  • Keep living your life. Bridges MN provides temporary staffing for vacations or unplanned leaves of absences such as illnesses.

Annual Tax Free Caregiver Salary
based on hours per week you work

Earn between $12,500-$51,000 per year, tax free.

caregiver salary bar graph

Hours worked per week while sleeping in your own home

*asleep night supervision