on Rumi

Tips for a successful match

Be open-minded and flexible

about where you live, how you live, and with whom you live. At first glance, a potential roommate might not seem like an ideal fit—but through some interaction, you may find that they’re perfect.

Make a great profile.

Complete each aspect of your profile with as much detail as possible. This will allow potential Rumis to know your true self. People with the most detailed profiles typically generate the most interest from potential Rumis interested in starting a conversation.

Upload pictures and videos,

which result in substantially more profile views.

Be responsive.

Quick communication with potential Rumis is very important.

Tell them how to reach you.

Your profile should indicate your preferred method of communication (internal text, phone calls, emails, etc.).

Be honest.

You want a Rumi who knows what to expect, and vice-versa. Honesty is the best route for a successful match!

If you feel stuck or have questions,
don’t hesitate to reach out.

We’re here to help!

Call us at (651) 772-4957 or Rumi@BridgesMN.com.