Meet The Team

Bach Parker, Vice President of Marketing & Outreach

“Rumi is a company that is using new ideas to solve old problems.  A person with a disability can use the technology to choose where to live and with whom. The caregiver-roommate can earn twice the wage of a typical direct care position while working from home doing very meaningful work. The service also saves significant dollars in the state’s Medicaid budget and will free up other in-demand home and community-based services for those individuals who truly need it. It’s a win-win-win”.


“I enjoy helping our State’s disability system evolve towards serving people with disabilities in the most integrated setting possible! RUMI gives individuals with disabilities options in terms of where to live, who to live with and what support they are getting that is unprecedented in the State of Minnesota.  RUMI also gives paid support, who are so vital, the opportunity to make professional wages that are double the industry average”.


Angie Kurkoski, Rumi Connector/PCP 

“We support the path desired and think outside the box while understanding the diversity of visions. To support a person’s current needs while giving them tools to reach present and future dreams, it’s an honor to help people go through that path on a daily basis”.

Garrett Ackerman, Rumi

“Rumi is the future of the disability services industry. I love the mission statement, the leadership, the culture… it is really exciting to be a part of a team that is looking to make this big of an impact on society”.

Kelly Olson, RUMI Experience Manager 

“I enjoy working for RUMI because I love the joy people get from making their own choices about who they want to live with and how they want to live their lives”.