Our happy roommates

Sucess Stories

From already-made pairs to brand new friends, Rumi has taken part in hundreds of successful connections.

Greg and Oanis, a successful Rumi connection
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Greg + Oanis


Greg spent the last 20+ years struggling to find success in the typical group home model.

He moved 13 times, 9 of which were not his choice.

With Rumi, he got to pick where and with whom he wanted to live.

Lisa and Jaime, a successful Rumi match
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Jaime + Lisa


Lisa wanted to hang out with more people than her roommates in her group home.

For years, she dreamed of living independently. She wanted to host parties, meet neighbors, travel, and have dance parties.

The Rumi program delivered all of that and more.

Garry + Bret


Garry was previously in a group home and was looking for support and a friend.

Bret was looking to find a connection and met Garry through the Rumi platform.

Two and a half years later, this Rumi pair is thriving more than ever.

Romero and Jason, a successful Rumi connection

Romero + Jason

College Student/Friend

Romero is a full-time college student at the University of Minnesota, and he wanted to make a positive impact while maintaining his lifestyle.

Romero created a Rumi profile and connected with Jason in less than a month!

Jim, Kim + Matthew


Jim and Kim were both residents of local ILS Supportive Housing. They created Rumi profiles looking to see what the service offered. Shortly thereafter, a Rumi Connector informed them that she knew the perfect Supportive Roommate, Matthew.

Fast forward a few years, and they have adapted into being more than just roommates. They have become a proud family.