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Have a disability waiver?
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Minnesota waiver holders have the option where they want to live and who they want to live with. Create a living situation like none other.

Why choose Rumi?

You’re in control of your own services. You’ll have the choice of where and with whom to live, and what level of support you need.
Live Your Life
You can live in the community that you want, with the roommate that you want, doing the activities that matter to you.
Live more independently, in your own space, in a more integrated community setting.

Common Questions

What supports will be available?

The Rumi team will take a case-by-case look at each situation to make sure we have the proper supports in place before signing a lease.

What are the eligibility requirements to use Rumi?

An individual with a disability who is covered under one of the following waivers are eligible for RUMI if they are age 18 and above: CADI waiver, DD waiver, Brain Injury waiver.

How long does it usually take to find a supportive roommate and get services started?

This depends on the pool of supportive roommates that interest you. There is no timeline. It could take two weeks, or it could take two months. Once you find the perfect roommate for you, our team works to get the services approved through your waiver.

How do you train and approve live-in caregivers?

Rumi conducts background checks and provides training to all eligible supportive roommates before they provide support to our clients.

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