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Become a
Supportive Roommate

Caregiver roommates directly affect the lives of individuals with disabilities. You choose the designated level of caregiving that fits your life.

Why choose Rumi?

Earn serious income.
Supportive Roommates can earn a daily rate equivalent to $25/hour.
Rumi pays more than direct care positions—and the wages are tax-free, here's how.
Rewarding work.
Enjoy working from home, getting paid for everyday activities such as sleeping, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, and positively impacting someone else’s life.
Customized solutions.
Rumi’s flexible platform allows for successful connections regardless of your housing situation, where you live, if you have kids, a spouse, or pets, or another job.
Make a difference.
Improve someone’s life in a real way, and make a meaningful connection that will enrich both your lives.
We’ll handle the headaches.
The Rumi team manages the paperwork, compliance, licensing, and other time-consuming requirements. That means you can focus on providing great care and enjoying your time with your Rumi.
Keep living your life.
Rumi provides temporary staffing for vacations or unplanned leaves of absence such as illnesses.

Common Questions

I still want to enjoy all the things I enjoy now. Can I do that with my Rumi?

That is the whole point of Rumi: what you seek is seeking you! There is a match out there for you who has the same interests as you do, wants to live in the same neighborhood, and is looking for a Rumi!

I have a spouse and family. Can I be a Supportive Roommate caregiver?

Absolutely! We have folks looking to live with families.

How much can I be compensated as a potential caregiver?

Supportive roommate salary

What happens if I want to take a vacation?

The Rumi team will provide temporary staffing while you are gone.

How do I get started?


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